Cadd Design is the most up to the minute technology for jewellery designers and manufacturers it gives us the ability to make designs that would either be too time consuming and therefore uneconomical to produce or just not viable to be made using hand tools and traditional methods.

We use a 3d design software package to design the jewellery , very accurately to within 0.001 mm, the customer can then view the design and approve it for rapid-prototyping which gives us an actual hard resin model, when this is approved the model is then set up for casting using the lost wax technique which gives the most accurate results then the piece is hand finished and set with whatever gemstone is chosen then finally polished and is ready for the customer.


The above cufflinks were designed on the computer in two parts ,  prototyped in purple resin then cast in yellow & white gold. 
The two parts were finished first then riveted together to complete the job . The cadd design process gives us the 
capability to produce items like this very accurately which is even more important in matching items like 
cufflinks , bracelet links and earings .