The diamond's we supply are normally colour G , Vs stones , however we have access to a large stock of certified diamond's from our diamond merchants. When choosing your diamond you have to take into account the differing factors that affect the stone.

The Four C's


the weight which is measured in carats, the larger the diamond the rarer the diamond hence the price per carat increases

2. CUT

The cut which will affect the fire and brilliance of the diamond whether it be too shallow or too deep , light will be lost from the sides and bottom of the diamond , the ideal cut being when all the light entering the stone is reflected back out the top of the stone.


The clarity of the diamond is affected by the presence of natural inclusions, these are not always visible to the naked eye. A flawless diamond is extremely rare and hence more valuable.


The colour of the diamond is graded from D for colourless through to J and so on, the more yellow tint in the stone the worse the grade ( The exception being fancy coloured diamonds which can range from canary yellow through to intense blue )