We have recently started to cut & polish our own opal, buying in the rough from Australia and Brazil , the rough opal is cut into rubs (opal in the rough shape of a stone) we prefer to keep the opal as large as possible and cut freeform opals. The stone is then ground down to the desired shape with diamond grinding wheels (coarse to fine) and then finally polished with cerium oxide paste on a felt wheel.

There are three main types of opal which we incorporate into our jewellery the most popular being crystal opal which can be anything from transparent with flashes of colour suspended inside to white with red and blue pinfire. Black opal has a blue - black body colour which highlights it's dramatic play of colour this is the most sought after opal and can rival diamonds in price per carat. Boulder opal can be light or dark in colour and forms in the veins of ironstone and can display the same brilliance as black opal but at a fraction of the price.